One Piece Reveals Yamato’s Divine Wolf Form

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Since the start of One Piece’s Wano Season, the Shonen series has followed a new fan-favorite character who is the son of Kaido, Yamato, and Luffy who has the ability to join the crew and become a member. next of the Straw Hat Pirates. With the War for Wano continuing to rage in an isolated country, Yamato attempted to end his father’s nefarious reign while also helping Kozuki Oden’s biological son, Momonosuke, and used all chief. wolf form. fans have yet to see from Wano residents.

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Warning. If you haven’t read the latest chapter of the One Piece manga, Chapter 1028, we’re diving into spoiler territory for the War for the Wano Part.

In the previous battle between Yamato and Kaido, we saw the selfless killer use something with a difference between human form and wolf form, but it seems the fight has become so intense Kaido’s child was forced to use all of his remaining power. . Before using his great power, Yamato tried to talk to Momo because Oden’s son is currently tasked with the most difficult challenge of his young life:

“Listen carefully Momonosuke! I will now return to the skull dome to keep the damage to a minimum in case of absolute disaster. The huge arsenal beneath the skull dome contains countless explosives. If I don’t do something about them, the worst case scenario could be dozens of times more destruction. Just wait, Momonosuke, I know you can do it!”
There have been many theories regarding the War for Wano about who, if anyone, will be able to defeat Kaido, the captain of the Tailed Beast Pirates, with conjectures not only with Yamato but also with Luffy and Zoro . While we don’t know if Yamato’s full wolf form will give him a leg in defeating his father, it seems likely that the end of the fight will have a major scattering on the world of the Grand Line.

What do you think of Yamato’s full wolf form?